Thursday, October 20th, 2022

7:00a | Complex Hernia Conference | via Teams

The MaineHealth Comprehensive Hernia Center presents the Complex Hernia Case Conference, a CME Program.  This is open to surgeons and interested parties across the system. The objectives of the conference are to present complex hernia cases, review data to evaluate opportunities for quality improvement projects to ensure excellent patient care and outcomes, create alignment within MaineHealth in the care for hernia patients and improve access to specialty level surgical care for patients throughout the Maine Health system. Each conference will include case discussions, data review and a short educational presentation relating to the care of hernia patients.

8:00a | Morbidity & Mortality | Dana 7 or Zoom

A Case in Pediatric Surgery, Dr. Jordan Caffé.

An iliac arteriotomy during IR pigtail placement, Dr. Obieze Nwanna-Nzewunwa.

9:00a | Grand Rounds | Dana 7 or Zoom

TBD, with Dr. Ansar Hassan, Cardiac Surgery.

10:00a | Chair Conference | Dana 7

An hour with guest host Dr. Syed Quadri. We will be discussing a podcast, "Surgeon Atul Gawande wants everyone to have a coach," next week but it will also be relevant this week so listen if you have time. 

Monday, October 17th, 2022

7:00a | ABSITE Preparation

ABSITE study begins in earnest.

Interns: Meeting with Dr. Chris Turner in library at 7:00a to discuss ABSITE study plans.

Juniors/Seniors: We are each given the 7:00a hour to complete the first ABSITE practice test. Details emailed by Dr. Whiting.


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