Thursday, November 3rd, 2022

7:00a | Educational Conference: Hand-sewn Anastamosis Lab | Dana 7

Thursday conference will be a hands on lab on anastamoses of the hand-sewn variety. Pre-reading below:

8:00a | Morbidity & Mortality (MIS/Bariatric Week) | Dana 7 or Zoom

Full thickness ileostomy injury following complex abdominal wall reconstruction and parastomal hernia repair, with Dr. Nikki Heidt.

A smorgasbord of catch-up items with program director, Dr. J. Whiting, including:

  • The Checklist
  • A Brief Perusal of Hours
  • A sure to be lively discussion regarding not cross covering services
  • MyTIPReport update (TIP stands for “Training for Independent Practice" - ​the more you know!)
  • Indications, time permitting

9:00a | Grand Rounds | Dana 7 or Zoom

Resident research presentations.

10:00a | Admin time

Chair conference is cancelled.