Protocols & Clinical Pathways

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Trauma Severe Alcohol Withdrawal Guideline PDF icon Trauma Alcohol Withdrawal Guideline.pdf
Post-op Glycemic Control Guidelines PDF icon Post-Op Glucose Control updated 4-2018.pdf
ICU - What to do for fever PDF icon ICU Fever Protocol.pdf
Stroke Alert Pathway PDF icon Inpatient Stroke Alert Pathway 2017.pdf
ERAS Pre-op Orders - Colon Surgery PDF icon Colon surgery ERAS pre-op orders.pdf
Resident Absences & Coverage Policy PDF icon Resident Service Absences_Oct2017.pdf
Fasting Guidelines for Ventilated Patients going to OR PDF icon MMC ICU Perioperative Fasting Guidelines_updated7.9.17.pdf
Thyroidectomy Pathway PDF icon Thyroidectomy pathway.pdf
Vascular Access Consult Guidelines PDF icon Vascular access consult guidelines.pdf
Trauma Service - Clinical Practice Guidelines
Therapeutic Hypothermia Pathway PDF icon Therapeutic Hypothermia Pathway Apr 2013.pdf
Post-Discharge DVT Prophylaxis for Trauma Patients PDF icon PostDischarge-DVT-ProphylaxisPolicy_2016.pdf
Trauma SOPs (evolving)
Anticoagulation & Neuroaxial Anestheisa PDF icon Anticoag & Epidurals 2015.pdf
Post-Splenectomy Vaccines PDF icon Post-splenectomy or splenic embolization Vaccination Guideline for MMC 6.28.16.pdf
Massive Transfusion Protocol PDF icon MT_June2013.pdf
Whipple Pathway PDF icon Whipple Pathway.pdf
Breast Cellulitis and Abscess Pathway PDF icon Breast Cellulitis and Abscess Pathway.pdf
Burn Resuscitation Protocol PDF icon Burn_Resuscitation_protocol_MMC.pdf
Soft Tissue Triage Protocol PDF icon Soft Tissue Triage Protocol.pdf