Protocols & Clinical Pathways

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Epic Downtime FYI PDF icon Critical EPIC DOWNTIME FYIs.pdf
Trauma Downtime Tipsheet PDF icon Quick Tip sheet for trauma downtime.pdf
Trauma Severe Alcohol Withdrawal Guideline PDF icon MMC Guideline for the Management of the NON-ICU TRAUMA Patient At Risk of OR Experiencing Severe Alcohol Withdrawal 10.26.18.pdf
Post-op Glycemic Control Guidelines PDF icon Post-Op Glucose Control updated 4-2018.pdf
ICU - What to do for fever PDF icon ICU Fever Protocol.pdf
Stroke Alert Pathway PDF icon Inpatient Stroke Alert Pathway 2017.pdf
ERAS Pre-op Orders - Colon Surgery PDF icon Colon surgery ERAS pre-op orders.pdf
Resident Absences & Coverage Policy PDF icon Resident Service Absences_Oct2017.pdf
Fasting Guidelines for Ventilated Patients going to OR PDF icon MMC ICU Perioperative Fasting Guidelines_updated7.9.17.pdf
Thyroidectomy Pathway PDF icon Thyroidectomy pathway.pdf
Vascular Access Consult Guidelines PDF icon Vascular access consult guidelines.pdf
Trauma Service - Clinical Practice Guidelines
Therapeutic Hypothermia Pathway PDF icon Therapeutic Hypothermia Pathway Apr 2013.pdf
Post-Discharge DVT Prophylaxis for Trauma Patients PDF icon PostDischarge-DVT-ProphylaxisPolicy_2016.pdf
Trauma SOPs (evolving)
Anticoagulation & Neuroaxial Anestheisa PDF icon Anticoag & Epidurals 2015.pdf
Post-Splenectomy Vaccines PDF icon Post-splenectomy or splenic embolization Vaccination Guideline for MMC 6.28.16.pdf
Massive Transfusion Protocol PDF icon MT_June2013.pdf
Whipple Pathway PDF icon Whipple Pathway.pdf
Breast Cellulitis and Abscess Pathway PDF icon Breast Cellulitis and Abscess Pathway.pdf
Burn Resuscitation Protocol PDF icon Burn_Resuscitation_protocol_MMC.pdf
Soft Tissue Triage Protocol PDF icon Soft Tissue Triage Protocol.pdf