Monday, September 12th, 2022

Monday conference will be a journal club about rib plating. Below are two documents for pre-reading. The groups are the same, see Canvas.

Conference documents: 

Thursday, September 8th, 2022

For trauma conference tomorrow at 7 AM we will plan on splitting up into 2 groups.

Students, PGY 1 and 2 should go to Dana 1. Dr. Carter will lead this session.  We will start with a discussion of chest tubes and then move onto a discussion of indications for ED thoracotomy and I will bring over a thoracotomy tray for the second part of conference to get your hands on the equipment.

PGY 3 through 5 should meet in surgical Learning Center where we will discuss indications for ED thoracotomy followed by technical tips and then some more advanced exposures.  This session will be led by Dr. Morse.  I will go between rooms with equipment and help facilitate.  I am enclosing a PDF version of the top knife chapter that was copied the old-fashioned way if you need to review.


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