Monday, September 26th, 2022

7:00a | PEC | Dana 9 or on Zoom

Program Evaluation Committee (PEC) meeting will be held on Monday in lieu of General Surgery conference. We will discuss the annual program review. Materials for PEC are below.

Thursday, September 22nd, 2022

7:00a | Tracheostomy, upper airway obstruction

Thursday morning education conference will cover tracheostomies and upper airway obstruction. There is pre-reading, "Surgical airways: Tracheostomy and cricothyroidotomy," which is attached below. Below are the associated SCORE modules:

8:00a | Annual program review

In the Dana Auditorium. No zoom option. Coffee will be served prior to the event. There will be no additional charge for the coffee - it is complimentary with membership in the Surgery Department at MMC.

10:00a | Chair conference

From Dr. Nolan:  For Chair conference tomorrow I would like you to think of a recent experience in the OR which you found enjoyable AND educational.  What did you enjoy about the experience, and what did you learn? If you haven't been in the OR recently, think of any patient encounter, be it on the floor, SCU or clinic. Be prepared to share your experience.

Conference documents: 


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